Friday, April 24, 2009

Hips and Squares

No fat
To know the hidden meaning
To know everything and have an opinion
Not square

No cussing
Anything not “I…”
So fat
To take something at face value
To be ignorant and unsure of a position
Resource abusive
Not hip

Warning: I am going to be very straight forward and coarse when explaining this list. Some people might be offended.

It was interesting to start this list because I didn’t know that it would invoke such emotion in me. I started out asking myself, “what is THE THING to do, or what does the mainstream find as cool?” I immediately thought about the items that I disagree with. I realized that I don’t see myself as “hip” because I don’t adhere to the “hip” list; I am more “square”. So ironically, most of the “hip” list is what I find as uncool and the “square” list is how I view myself. Then again, I did start putting things on the “hip” list that I do find cool and adding ideas onto the “square” list that I don’t like. I guess I follow the square characteristic of being “unsure of a position.”

I started out with an area that I feel uncomfortable and out of place with: what my friends seem to find fun. I honestly don’t care for rap. I prefer to have drums and guitars in my music, and I especially don’t want to hear about how a guy lusts after this girl or how he “had his way with her” last night with ten cuss words in each verse. I also don’t see the point in getting drunk. All it does for you is make you lose control, have no memory of the “fun” you had last night, and give you a hang-over in the morning. Cussing is another pointless habit people form. I wonder if people really know what they are saying when they cuss. And grinding, I honestly wonder how this is called “dancing”. I always feel so dirty and violated and used after the three times I’ve gone “dancing”. You don’t even face your partner! I thought dancing was all about getting to know your partner in a fun atmosphere. No, to me, “dancing” today just seems to be a rehearsal or sample of what is going to happen after the dance.

After those items, the lists start to be a mixture of what I like and don’t like. I’m not really pro or con Apple products. I can’t imagine being without my IPOD, and my home is all Apple computers. It’s a great brand. I am just one of those people where if the machine works, I’m satisfied. I’ve got a school computer now, and while most people complain about it, I’m happy with it. I don’t have to have the latest, most advance piece of technology to feel satisfied. I’m going to use what I have until it is just worn out.

Next are political and personal critiques. Everyone seems crazy about and even obsessed with Obama, and our culture is getting more and more liberal as time continues. There is both good and bad with these two. Obama hasn’t done a bad job, but I have been disappointed with a few decisions that have been made (and I really wonder why his dog choice was such a big one). The same is with being liberal. I consider myself as between liberal and conservative, but I fall more on the conservative side. Being a Christian, there are just some aspects of the liberal side that go against what I believe in. This leads to one last point I am going to make, the accepting vs. rejecting. Rejecting someone is completely wrong; this is one “square” characteristic I don’t like. But, like in the rant above, there are some ideas that I don’t accept. The rest of the list I believe is pretty self-explanatory.


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  2. (I removed that last comment because I notice TERRIBLE grammatical errors afterwards. I couldn't take it. lol)

    I find myself lying on both sides of Hip and Square, too, Amanda. Probably explains why I find myself lying on both sides of conservativism and liberalism.

    It seems like your Square list includes things that used to be cool (I'm thinking specifically of used to be cool to Jitterbug FACING your partner. Heck, it used to be cool to line dance). So, does this mean that the Hip list will eventually move over to the Square list as time progresses?

  3. I find it interesting that you put alcohol on the hip list. There is a huge debate between whether or not alcohol is cool. Many say it is because it does have a bit of a mood and perception altering ability. Others say not so much, preferring to argue that pot is actually the coolest drug out there.

    Also, you say that you are uncool, provide me with a reason to still trust your list.

    And it was cool to line dance? Ever?

  4. ha, you can trust my list about as much as that list of cool that was put up earlier this semester. My two lists basically turned into what I see as society deeming cool, and my uncoolness comes about by me choosing to disagree and not participate in those cool things.